The DICE model has hugely influenced thinking about the economic impact of climate change. In 2018, Nordhaus received the Nobel Prize in economics for his work on “integrating climate change into long-run macroeconomic analysis”. But now Keen and colleagues say there are serious flaws in the way this and other models represent the impact of climate change. That’s why they predict such a small impact when the change to the climate and our way of life will be massive. The team says that these models do not properly take scientific thinking into account. For example, climate scientists agree that an important property of Earth’s climate is the existence of tipping points in which climate subsystems switch from one state to another, often in ways that cannot easily be reversed. These are important because they amplify the effects of warming, creating conditions in which other systems can flip in a tipping point cascade. Examples include the disappearance of summer ice cover in the Arctic Sea and the irreversible shrinkage of the Greenland ice sheet. The big fear is that we are much closer than expected to these tipping points. The team point to one influential paper that suggested “a variety of tipping elements could reach their critical point within this century.” Curiously, tipping points do not feature in most economic analyses of the impact of climate change. Keen and co say that Nordhaus asserts that there are “no critical tipping elements with a time horizon less than 300 years until global temperatures have increased by at least 3◦C.” Another problem is that the DICE model assumes that the economic effects of climate change will be small compared to other factors such as new technology, population changes and so on. This does not seem reasonable when some cities and regions are likely to become uninhabitable after an increase of just 4◦C. Indeed, the model assumes that climate change will influence just a small part of the economy. Keen and co say this is because Nordhaus seems to consider only those industries affected by the weather, which make up just 13 percent of the economy. The rest will seemingly experience negligible effects. However, Keen and co point out that confusing weather with climate in this way is a serious mistake. “This assumption that only economic activities that are exposed to the weather will be affected by climate change can be rejected on at least three grounds,” they say. For example, wildfires can significantly impact the output from nearby factories, not least because many people will be unable to work there. And higher outdoor temperatures that make regions uninhabitable will certainly affect factory output. “Factories without workers produce zero output,” they say.


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WATER It’s water, of course, and if we don’t allow our bodies to consume it daily, our kidneys, heart, digestive system, and skin , among other things, will all begin to weaken and break down. Water is essential to our bodies and souls. Full stop.  So if there’s one easy thing you can do right now to improve your physical health, it may be to drink more water. This study shows the benefits of water that we were aware of 10 years ago, and the authors admit they’re only scratching the surface. Using holy water more often, at church, and even in your home , will also help your spiritual life immensely.  If your body seems to be functioning relatively well without more water, maybe your desire to look good can work to your advantage and convince you to have more. Studies have found that the water you ingest actually helps with reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. This study shows that increasing water in your diet actually helps decrease your intake of foods and drinks that are high in sugars and saturated fats.  Convinced to try more water? Great. But starting new habits can be difficult, particularly the habit of increasing your water intake. Here are a few tips to help you get over the rough beginning waves of increased daily hydration. Many of us dislike the taste of water, or we just have so many other beverages that we prefer. To help your body crave water rather than, say, coffee or Dr. Pepper, cut down on those other drinks for a while. Limit yourself to one or two “other” drinks a day and rely on water as your go-to refreshment.  This is a great tip especially if you don’t care for the taste of your tap water. There are many options that you can find to remove impurities and improve the taste. Sometimes even just putting a glass of water in the refrigerator or adding some ice cubes will make water more appetizing.  Make it aesthetically pleasing and convenient The most effective trick that has helped me drink more water at home is twofold: I found a large mason jar that is pretty. I want to drink out of it, rather than the less attractive plastic cups or smaller mugs that I was using before. Also, I bought a pack of reusable straws. The combination of the prettier, large capacity glass with the ease of the straw helped me change my haphazard “one or two small cups of water a day” lifestyle.  How much water do you need to drink every day?