Trailhead, Salesforce's free online learning platform, is helping anyone learn skills and advance their careers within the Salesforce ecosystem. ... We are constantly innovating to meet the digital needs of our customers, and it's critical that we evolve our training programs so people understand how to use our latest technological advancements. Through employee surveys and feedback, we are able to cater our learning opportunities so they address challenges employees face during their day-to-day. With that feedback in mind, we can provide relevant and effective training opportunities that employees can digest and instantly apply to their jobs. Lorena Martinez, head of program management for product at eBay "Invent Week 2021 is an employee-powered idea incubator and invention program to chart the future of the eBay Platform for our customers." Head of program management for product at eBay Invent Week 2021 is an employee-powered idea incubator and invention program to chart the future of the eBay Platform for our customers. With an eye to what comes next, we inspire and encourage employees to develop their ideas into a reality for tomorrow. Invent Week includes ideation sessions, pitch presentations, opportunities to showcase the latest innovations and influence features and tools that get added to the roadmap. In 2021, more than 500 ideas were submitted from around the globe, and more than 2,000 employees participated in the innovation incubator. "Over the course of 10 weeks, professionals move through the training program, learn new modules and meet top tech executives and business leaders, all of which prepares them to complete key cloud certifications with confidence." I lead a program at SADA that we call SADA University. Our mission is to recruit and educate individuals seeking to begin a career in cloud computing.  SADA University has many goals, including expansion of the larger cloud computing talent pool. Just as importantly, SADA University strives to bridge the gap between under-represented people/groups and meaningful job opportunities. With an emphasis on the use of SADA services to help companies use Google Cloud, SADA University prepares and empowers people of all kinds to establish and grow their cloud credentials. The SADA University curriculum is broad and covers a wide range of cloud tools and technologies. Our most recent cohort was focused on data engineering and infrastructure. Over the course of 10 weeks, professionals move through the training program, learn new modules and meet top tech executives and business leaders, all of which prepares them to complete key cloud certifications with confidence. Sathish Muthukrishnan, chief information, data and digital officer at Ally "Ally also hosts a variety of internal programs to engage our technology employees – and this includes hackathons, have a peek at this web-site company-wide competitions, dedicated learning and experimentation time, and 'Innovation Fridays.'" Chief information, data and digital officer at Ally The Ally Tech Academy provides cloud and automation training classes as well as master classes for employees to train and develop new skills they are passionate about, and we partner with a number of software providers where we leverage these training programs. We also have dedicated innovation hubs, like the Ally Tech Labs, which allow us to iterate on emerging technology trends and how they can be applied to continue to deliver an outstanding experience to our customers. Ally also hosts a variety of internal programs to engage our technology employees – and this includes hackathons, company-wide competitions, dedicated learning and experimentation time, and "Innovation Fridays," which feature monthly pitch sessions to drive innovation from the ground up.


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Corporate travel agency CWT hopes to draw a line under a tumultuous 18 months with a major financial restructuring, which will see the family-owned Carlson group switch from majority to minority stakeholder. CWT, which up until 2019 was known as Carlson Wagonlit Travel , has entered into an agreement with its equity owners, as well as firms that represent more than 90 percent of the company’s outstanding debt, to recapitalize the business. Terms of the agreement, entered into with financial stakeholder Barings , among others, include adding $350 million of new equity capital into the business, and eliminating almost $900 million of debt by replacing its existing $1.5 billion in debt with a new first lien debt of $625 million and an undrawn revolving credit facility. First lien debt holders are paid back before all other debt holders in the event of a default. Join Us at Skift Global Forum in NYC September 21-23 As a result of these manoeuvrings, the Carlson holdings ownership will be diluted, according to CWT CEO Michelle McKinney Frymire, who replaced Kurt Ekert in May . The refinancing, which is expected to complete by the end of the year, doesn’t involve any new parties coming to the table — which may come as a surprise after previous refinancing and other speculation. One industry source told Skift in September last year that CWT would make an attractive acquisition target . “I see them being a net loser unfortunately, and there are others out there who might take an opportunistic approach and make a consolidation play,” they said at the time. Rumors also circulated that private equity firm Certares, which this week invested $354 million in an aerospace services firm , was looking at the company. “All of the parties involved are existing investors, and they’re all really well regarded institutional investment managers,” said McKinney Frymire. “They understand the business, and have been incredibly supportive of the company and our strategy … CWT will remain an independent standalone company, we will have a number of debt holders who will become equity holders, many of whom already have some small portion of equity.” McKinney Frymire also doesn’t envisage job cuts in the future. “Optimizing the operational footprint of the company, flattening the organization, we’ve done a lot of that work already,” she said. CWT has been radically slimming down over the past few of years. In 2019 it axed several country director roles, and later transferred other regions into cross-functional market management teams. McKinney Frymire said there were currently 500 positions the company was looking to fill around the world. Meanwhile, the restructure leaves CWT with a generous $400 million of available liquidity on the balance sheet. It claimed this is the largest amount among its peers, but the money won’t be directed towards acquisitions, which has been a major trend during the pandemic. “We’re focused on our people and technology,” McKinney Frymire said.