It all sort of led to what I do now, which is sort of a cobbling together of all these various aspects that were interesting to me.” Ricker grew up in North Carolina in the ’80s, and got his undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His first exposure to the world of filmmaking was when he landed a job on the film Bill Durham, which had come to shoot in his hometown. “I just remember being on set one day in some sort of ancillary capacity, but suddenly being aware of the fact that there was an art department that was responsible for the sets that we were working on,” he says. “From then, all the dots aligned and the light bulbs went off.” After working for a while click this site as a prop PA and set dresser, Ricker went to NYU, where he got his MFA in set design. He was mentored early on in his career by production designers including Jan Pascale, Thomas Walsh and David Gropman, as well as prop masters Sandy Hamilton and Diana Burton and others. “Anybody you meet along the way, you’re going to learn from, and you’re going to work with and collaborate,” Ricker says. “It’s just a big, old, fabulous circus of personalities that will rove in and out of your life and your career.” Ricker finds that some of the most interesting moments that come with the work he does are those in which he’s made to feel like “a casual observer of moments in history,” as was the case on Halston. “I always think about those moments in the movie business,” he says. “I don’t know how many people they happen to. Maybe it happens more in the art department, but for just a split second, the multiple senses come together—what you’re looking at, what you’re hearing, particularly when something you’re smelling comes into it.” Ricker recalls having one of these moments on Michael Mann’s 1992 film The Last of the Mohicans, on which he worked as a set dresser. “There was a moment on Mohicans when I was walking through the French encampment, and the bombs and the lights were going off…and we had a bunch of re-enactors who were there portraying these French soldiers,” he says. “They were just hanging out and building fires and playing piccolos, and there was a moment when I just saw the silhouette of the sky, walking through, and the combination of everything, I mean, I thought for half a second, I was there.” Ricker’s first big break as a production designer came when he was hired for John Sayles’ film Sunshine State. He’d subsequently jump to new levels in his career, with Ben Younger’s Prime, and Nora Ephron’s Julie & Julia. Another notable project early on was Rebecca Miller’s The Ballad of Jack and Rose, which proved fascinating for multiple reasons. One was that the 2005 film was made in the thick of the SARS epidemic. Another was its star—Miller’s husband, Daniel Day-Lewis. Ricker recalls that early on during prep, Day-Lewis was on hand, to help with set construction.


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Pavel Kazantsev, IAEA Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications IAEA team involved in electron beam audit development at the Agency’s Seibersdorf laboratories. IAEA/WHO dosimetry audit service offered to radiotherapy centres around the world now includes high energy electron beams for newly installed linacs. (Photo: L. Czap/IAEA) The IAEA and the World Health Organization (WHO) have rolled out a new type of dosimetry audit as a cost-free service to radiotherapy centres around the world to support hospitals in tackling the growing cancer burden. Since its launch in 1969, the IAEA/WHO audit service has been limited to checking high-energy photon beams, while the number of medical linear accelerators, or linacs, capable of delivering both photon and electron radiation beams has been steadily increasing. According to the IAEA DIrectory of RAdiotherapy Centres (DIRAC), about half of radiotherapy treatment units installed globally since 2010 can produce clinical electron beams. These beams are commonly used for treating anatomical sites close to the patient’s surface, such as skin lesions or tumour beds after surgery. The new electron beam audit service will help to ensure that such treatments are performed safely and effectively. Quality assurance programmes for radiotherapy processes are established to guarantee that the dose delivered to the target inside a patient undergoing radiotherapy is correct. Too high dose of radiation can be harmful to surrounding healthy organs, while a dose that is too low weblink may not be efficient in killing cancer cells. Verifying the calibration of the treatment unit is the cornerstone of radiotherapy quality assurance, and external dosimetry audits have been widely recognized as an invaluable tool for quality control of the calibration and are mandatory in some countries. “I have participated in the IAEA external audit for photon beams for decades. The addition of the electron beam to the service is a great step,” said Paola Alvarez from the Imaging and Radiation Oncology Core (IROC), Houston Quality Assurance Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA, a member of the Dosimetry Audit Network. “The audit is performed in the same way as the beam calibration which makes the irradiation of the detectors fast and simple.” The IAEA/WHO provides an external dosimetry audit service using special dosimeters shipped to participating hospitals, and the dosimeters are then irradiated in typical radiation treatment conditions at the hospital to a specified dose. The dosimeters are then sent back for evaluation to the IAEA to compare the actual dose the dosimeter was exposed to with the dose that was planned. Results within 5% of the target are considered acceptable, while any larger deviations are followed up by the IAEA dosimetry audit team. After carrying out any corrective actions necessary, the audit is repeated. Lora Ioannou and Stefani Stefanou, Radiotherapy Medical Physicists from Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre in Nicosia, have relied on the IAEA for dosimetry audits of the photon beams in their hospital for many years. “We welcome the expansion to electron beam audits because it will also confirm the accuracy of the dose we deliver to our patients that are treated with electron beams,” Ioannou said. The IAEA team has developed and tested a new audit methodology for linac electron beams utilizing a specially designed holder allowing for easy and precise positioning of the dosimeters during the audit.